Catalyst Strategic Design Review

Catalyst Strategic Design Review Publication (2011-2013)
Innovation, Editorial Design, Information Design, Project Management

About the project
In 2009, the Pratt Design Management program launched CATALYST Strategic Design Review, a publication addressing the value of strategic design in addressing complex problems. The premier issue was entitled "Benign by Design: NYC" and considered New York City as an incubator of complex social, environmental and economic challenges. CATALYST authors have included designers from Pentagram and frog Design, a New York Times Magazine contributor, activists such as Dr. Vandana Shiva and others. CATALYST has been featured on Design Observer, Core 77, Dexigner and other reputable resources.

Managing Editor : Manage print contributors and authors, for print and digital publication production, working with editors and art director to produce publication and digital content with global reach.

Work examples
Another Call for Change: Lessons from Thailand’s Worst Floods
Be a Part of Sustainable Food System: Bring Your Own Container
Design for Disasters: Mitigating Risk from Disasters in Thailand

Assisted in the print production for Peace Issue.

Infographic and advertising:

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