Owlet (2014)
Visual, Design, Presentation

About the project
R/GA has partnered with Techstars to create the first agency-based accelerator program focused on startups that are creating connected devices and applications. 

Owlet, one of the startups, develops a Vitals Monitor that checks your child’s health statistics, then gathers data, analyzes it for abnormal health patterns, determines potential problems, and displays information that can easily be shared with your pediatrician. One of the most useful features on the Owlet Vitals Monitor is its ability to measure a child’s sleep patterns based on their body’s internal signs. Let the Owlet Vitals Monitor watch your child throughout the night so you don’t have to.

The startup wins Cannes Mobile Lion 2015 for Wearable Technology (Sliver) and Utility (Bronze). 

Main responsibility
Demo day presentation

R/GA Accelerator