Hill's Pet Nutrition (Business Design)

Business Plan

The Paw Tracks mobile app for Hill’s Pet Nutrition (2013)
Innovation, Design Strategy, Business Plan

About the project
The Paw Tracks mobile app is a simply designed and easy to use tool to help caregivers keep their dogs healthy and happy, as well as demonstrate Hill's Pet Nutrition's mission: “To help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets.” The app is a combination of useful information and tools that exist on the Hill’s website, along with innovative new features, made to enhance the consumer experience and effectiveness of the app. Features that were taken from the website were adapted to best-fit mobile usage.

Dana Goren, Mishelle Oun, Qortni Williams, Tatiane Villela, & Myself

Main responsibilities
Ethnographic Research
Quantitative Research
Concept Definition
Video Editor